Terms of Service

Satisfaction Guarantee

If we are unable to complete the repairs due to parts availability, or non covered equipment type you will receive a full refund of your Retail service fee.

Service Terms

I authorize Dr Fixit to conduct all necessary diagnostic procedures.

Verbal authorization: to repair/order parts is legally binding, and may not be subsequently cancelled.

Data Loss: I acknowledge that Dr Fixit is not liable for any data loss due to customer equipment failure.

Diagnosis Fee: Diagnosis is included with purchase of services required to complete repairs. Should the customer Opt to not complete repairs a $39 Diagnostic fee will be collected at time of pickup. This is to recover costs associated with time and labor of troubleshooting.

Abandoned Equipment: Items left beyond 60 days of the repair completion date will be disposed of at Dr Fixit Discretion. Which includes all data, and associated accessories. 

Timely Pickup: Items left beyond 20 days of the repair completion date will be subject to the accrual of storage fees at the rate of $1 per day. 

Customer Equipment Liability: Is the sole responsibility of Dr Fixit computer repair while in our custody. This liability is NOT transferable to any of our affiliates.

By “submitting form” you accept the terms of service.

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