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Helpdesk ServicesProblems keeping your Computer Systems operating at their best?

Does your current tech guy respond quickly?

Do you know if your Tech is really solving your problems as efficiently as possible?

Do you know if your “tech guy” is keeping his skills and knowledge current?

Our Business Helpdesk services are designed to provide small businesses all the same resources; technical support, IT services, technical staffing and advanced equipment that a major corporation have, but without the upfront costs to establish these services. We provide scalable Enterprize class IT support on demand at amazingly low prices.

We at Dr Fixit has paid the cost, trained the technicians, and setup the systems for you. All you have to do is become a Happy Dr FixitIT services – Helpdesk customer.

Benefits of Dr Fixit Computer Service

– Fast Service – Personal Support – EZ stress free experience – Very Dependable –

Cost advantage for Dr Fixit Computer Service – Helpdesk

Dr Fixit is a Hybrid IT service. We combine the benefits and cost savings of IT Outsourcing with the Quality and reliability of hiring In house staff. We do this while simultaneously removing the cons and costs associated with both. Dr Fixit gives you the best of both worlds and the best value for your IT dollar.

Typically, Dr Fixit IT service can save our customers over 30% in Overhead Costs. Our proactive maintienance programs provide an average employee productivity increase of 20%. We also help our customers lower IT costs in Hardware, Software, and utilities. All of these improvements will significantly lower your annual operating expenses. In Some cases, we find our customers enough savings to not only pay for ourselves, but provide an additional profit for the company.

Dr Fixit operates with maximized efficiencies, better tech tools and lower expenses so that we can provide you with better, faster, lower priced services without any loss in quality or customer service.

Benefits of supplemental IT staffing

A common problem with IT staffing is scalability. Scalability is the ability to adjust the amount of availability to match the amount of demand. The Ideal target for Tech support is to exceed your companies demand by roughly 10% in order to ensure that you can maintain adequate support and have a small buffer for spikes.

The reason companies have difficulty with this issue is that it that most IT professionals (worth their price) will not be satisfied with fractional hours and are expecting a full 40 hour work week. Yet most companies demand never comes in increments of 40 hrs. Thus the need for supplemental staffing.

Supplemental staffing – is a form of outsourcing to an IT services organization that employs a variety of experts and contracts with a variety of customers. This allows the service company to provide a greater availability of resources and expertise then one small business can afford individually. Similar to a business co-op the resources from many businesses are pulled together by an IT services organization who can then devote those resources to the businesses and provide scalable resources to meet the demands of its customers.  This allows the customer to pay for only what they need, instead of the full cost of the resource. It also allows the IT Services customer the availability and flexibility to have more resources during spikes or emergencies as needed.

The same scalability problem goes along with hardware. Traditionally small businesses either buy a server at full cost, or else they don’t get one. Supplemental resourcing provides resources at the fractional percentages you need without having to purchase too much or too little.

This also cuts the costs your company would have been spending on hiring your own IT staff in the areas of training, HR, benefits, equipment, professional licensing costs, office space, office supplies and many more hidden costs.

Dr Fixit IT services takes all the worry of IT management and IT resource management off of the business and puts it on our IT professionals who know what they are doing and how to get the most out of the technology for your benefit.

We offer:IT Support Service

  • Trained certified Desktop support and PC technicians
  • Certified Data Network and Cabling Technicians
  • Computer Hardware Technicians certified by Dell, HP, and more .
  • Laptop Hardware Technicians certified by Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, and many more
  • Microsoft certified Systems Engineers for Microsoft Small business Servers and Advanced Servers
  • Network Administrators experienced on firewalls, Routers, Servers, Linux, and more
  • Specialists for Exchange, Outlook, Active directory, Sharepoint, Quickbooks, and more
  • SEO and Web Development Engineers to build business class websites.
 Microsoft IT PC Technician Dell Certified Repair Service A+ Certified Computer repair sevice
Certified Network Administrators Comptia Certified Security Technician
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