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4 Facts about Viruses

Fun Fact #1: Even if you have an active antivirus program you can still get infected with a malicious virus. Todays advanced viruses have a “cloaking” system called Rootkits. These viruses can hide from the Windows file system and are designed to hide it’s very presence from the antivirus programs.

Fun Fact #2: You could have a virus and not know it… YES… some viruses don’t cause pop ups and slowness. They are designed to hide on your computer and wait to collect your passwords and credit card data. Criminals use them to pick your CYBER Wallet…

Fun Fact #3: Todays viruses are no longer written by a backroom hacker living in their parent’s basement. Modern viruses are professionally developed by educated, skilled, development teams. They are employed by big time fraud rings. Their purpose is to steal your money and identity. These viruses are growing increasingly complex, more sophisticated and harder to remove. Some advanced viruses can modify your antivirus program in such a way that it looks like it’s working normally. In other cases the virus can cripple, delete and disable critical files that your antivirus program needs to function properly.

Fun Fact #4: Identity theft and virus related internet crimes are now a billion dollar a year industry. Over 90% of internet crimes originate from countries where there is no prosecution or penalty of any kind. This means that they have no fear and no reason to stop. Over 20% of all web sites on the internet have been hacked and infected with trojans. Cyber criminals focus heavily on internet activities such as file sharing, media downloads, children’s web sites, Facebook and even Android apps.

Questions about Virus Removal – Q & A

Question #1: I already have an antivirus program – How did I get a virus anyway?

Answer #1: Antivirus programs are simply “gate keepers”. If you give them a list (called definitions) they will keep out all the viruses that they have on that list. The problem arises when new viruses are created that are not on this list. So the antivirus program doesn’t recognize that it is a virus and allows it in. Once the virus has taken over and is deeply hidden in your computer it becomes very difficult to remove. This is why absolutely no antivirus program can be 100% virus proof. The better antivirus programs will simply do a better job of updating the definitions list sooner to reduce the window of vulnerability.

Question #2: How did I get soo many viruses on my computer?

Answer #2: Once a virus takes over your computer it is designed to do 4 things. 1) Copy itself many times and download other types of viruses. 2) Takes full control of your computer, system files and registry, so that the operating system and antivirus programs are defenseless. 3) Hides itself “cloaking” from antivirus programs. 4) to STEAL YOUR INFORMATION!!!

Question #3: If I already have an antivirus program why do I need to hire a technician to remove the viruses?

Answer #3: Once a virus has been installed it is designed to immediately “cloak” itself. This type of virus is called a “rootkit”. A Root Kit has advanced antidetection technology.

A Root Kit virus can: 1) Disable any existing antivirus software by corrupting essential files the antivirus program needs to function. 2) Embeds itself in your operating system and makes itself “invisible”.

Dr Fixit Computer repair technicians can assist in removing Root Kit viruses.

Question #4: How did I get a virus on my computer?

Answer #4: There are hundreds of different types of viruses and hundreds of very creative ways that hackers can deliver them. Therefore it is virtually impossible to name and explain them all.

Here is a list of the most common ways that one can get a virus. 1) Media sharing downloads. 2) Web pages with embedded content like Flash media or videos. 3) Social media sites hidden in links, applets and games 4) Many free online games or downloaded software from “less than reputable” websites.

The evolution of Viruses and SpywareMalware removal Service

Viruses are very malicious software programs that hide on your computer or laptop. Todays viruses are much more advanced than they used to be. The reason for this is that the motivation and purpose of the hacker has changed.

Originally a hacker was simply a prankster who wanted to make a reputation by building the best virus that would play a very annoying prank on your computer. This virus was criminal but not malicious.

Over a period of time the scammer types realized that if they hacked your computer they could do more than just play a prank on you, but actually steal something. Then the purpose for writing viruses was changed forever.

Computer Security servicesToday’s viruses are written by far more sophisticated groups. In foreign country’s like Nigeria for instance, fraud rings are not subject to prosecution. In fact they are embraced by the impoverished government as a means to provide income for the economy. These fraud rings are ran like businesses. They employ professional software development teams to write very sophisticated code with the sole purpose of circumventing your computers security, and stealing data, credit card information, and even your very identity.

In these cases it is vital for you, the computer owner, to protect yourself by both preventing infection as well as immediately removing Viruses and Spyware from you Computer or Laptop. If you are a business owner is it even more important for you to protect your records and customer information from malicious fraud rings that are out to steal your Identity.

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