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Mac Computer Repair ServiceIs your Mac notebook, Ipad, Ipod, or Iphone cracked or damaged?

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Our Trained professional technicians can Troubleshoot, Diagnose, upgrade, repair, and replace hardware for a wide variety of Apple Mac devices.

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Mac Virus Removal

Mac Devices are more dependable, and get a lot less viruses. However; there is still an ever growing amount of viruses appearing in the Mac world which will need to be removed by a professional. The few existing Mac viruses are usually very hard to remove, and growing increasingly more complex.

These viruses that we have been finding are not just written by pranksters, they are designed for data and identity theft by fraud rings. They are not made to create pop ups and annoyances, they are designed to remain hidden.

Are Macs better than PC’s?

The answer is Yes and No…But really NO!!! Let us show you why!!!

On the surface it looks like comparing Macs to PC’s is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Ford Explorer. The problem is that most comparisons don’t take into account the Quality vs cost ratio. Generally they compare a very cheap low-end Hardware PC to a Very expensive High end Mac. Well that’s a no brainer hands down winner, but not truly apples to apples comparison.

Macs are higher quality because they generally cost 3 to 4 times as much as the PC that it is being compared to. But if you Paid Top dollar and compared a $2,000 dollar Mac to a High end $2,000 dollar PC you would get a lot more Value for the same money. The low end PC’s are far less dependable because most people try to go cheap when they buy them and get low end parts, and low quality computers. Of course these computers will be slow, freeze, and crash.

Comparing PC’s to Mac’s in Terms of Viruses…

There are lots more Viruses for PC’s then Mac’s… That’s only because Microsoft has enjoyed over 80% of the market share for more than a decade. So hackers simply didn’t waste their time writing Viruses for Macs because it was a much smaller target and wasn’t worth the time. Now that Mac’s are growing in market share they are becoming a bigger target… and now they too are getting hit by Viruses.

Virus Prevention on PC’s vs Mac’s

Generally people tend to blame the PC for being susceptible to viruses, when in actuality its the user’s actions that controls a high or low exposure level.  The process of preventing viruses is the same for both PC and Mac.

  • Don’t be cheap on paying for antivirus software – If you purchase a very good reliable antivirus software it will drastically cut your chances of getting Infected with malicious viruses by over 85%.
  • Be more cautious about your web surfing and downloading behaviour – Most viruses are installed by the user (or blame your children if you must) and can be avoided by cautious web surfing behaviour.
  • Do not share a work computer with children – Children generally don’t exhibit any caution in terms of what to install and have a tendency to click, download, and install anything. This is very bad for a computer that also happens to have financial records, bank info, and other critical data. Keep children on separate PC’s.
  • Beware of freely downloaded P2P software sharing – Free games, software and music downloaded from “sharing sites” is generally riddled with malicious software. Avoid downloading from unknown sources.

 Our comparison Summary is

Superficially Macs appear to be superior to PC’s. But only when you compare a $2,000 dollar Mac to a $500 dollar PC, which isn’t a fair comparison. If you compare a $3,000 dollar Mac to a $2,000 dollar PC the PC will win Hands down, every time. PC’s have more software available, are generally more flexible, and upgradeable. Software for the PC is generally cheaper then for Mac’s.

If you purchase High quality name brand parts, use surfing caution, a good antivirus, and take care of your system PC’s can last longer and give you a greater value for the price. In other words you get more for less money.

But we do enjoy the funny Mac vs PC videos… they are ingenious

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