9 Things We Do Better

We Provide the Fastest Response Times – Guaranteed

When you call us, we guarantee that your phone call will be answered or returned within 30 minutes. 

We know that it’s stressful enough when you have an emergency, so we make it easy for you to reach us. 

We answer calls faster start working faster – solve problems faster

Total Determination and Commitment

We commit to meet 100% of all your technical needs. If you have a problem… we’ll solve it.

We will not stop until all problems are resolved and all work is thoroughly completed.

1 Call… 2 Fix IT all…

We have superior experience in a wide variety of technologies. There’s nothing we can’t fix for you. So you can come to Dr Fixit to meet all your technology needs without the hassle of calling different providers for different things. 

WE do it ALL!!!

Easy computer repair service

4.  No Geek Speak

You deserve answers to your questions in SIMPLE TERMS. Our staff will give you a clear concise explanation, so that you can understand with no confusing technical “Geek Speak”.

5.  We’re Knowledgeable – We really know our stuff

Online Computer repair Service

At Dr Fixit we set the bar highest for technical standards. We have mandatory ongoing training and certification requirements. We motivate our PC technicians with rewards and incentives to keep their skills current and relevant.

We stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and stay informed on the future trends of the technology world. We implement industries best practices to provide tested and proven results.

We constantly challenge ourselves to continuously learn and improve. Each day we strive to provide higher quality services than the day before.

Computer Services - Guaranteed

Our superior knowledge and experience allows us to diagnose your problems faster and more accurately. It allows us to come to the correct solution for your problems more efficiently. By doing this we save you timemoney and provide a much better experience.

6.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You deserve complete satisfaction. We promise to provide the highest quality and value for your money. No hassles, no problems.

Best Computer repair shop

You can count on us to do the job right!

7.  We do a Tech Double Check

A second technician always double checks completed services to make sure the work is done thoroughly. This ensures higher quality and satisfaction. 

8.  No Unpleasant or Unexpected Surprises

We will evaluate any potential problems and risks to your data and network at the beginning of any project.  All risks will be explained upfront. We keep you informed so that you can make good decisions.

We have processes, procedures and safety nets in place to help us ensure that we protect your computer systems from unnecessary losses. 

We frequently backup your data during the repair process to ensure no losses to mission critical data. Our full data backup service prevents the very possibility of any data losses.

  WE truly CARE about our customers

Most technology companies cut costs by severely lowering their customer service standards.  With Dr Fixit we provide the highest quality service at no additional charge!!!

We treat our customers with care and compassion. We treat each valued customer with the honor and respect they deserve. We want you to have a great experience with us. We know that excellent customer service is priceless.

Best Computer Service in Humble

We go the extra mile to make you smile.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

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