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IT support servicesIs your Network slow, time wasting, or unreliable?

Need to examine better technologies to improve your business?

Are your systems getting old and outdated?

Not getting the most our of your computers?

Is your network and data safe and secure?

Is it time to upgrade your systems, servers, routers, or network?

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IT Consulting ServicesMajor corporations employ a Chief Technology Officer. This person is the IT Helpdesk dept head whose responsibility is to do these 4 things for the company:

  1. Ensure that the Computer systems and networks are running well, and maintained properly
  2. Ensure that the Company has all the appropriate technology tools to function efficiently
  3. Ensure that the Company is not over paying for the technology and services it is using
  4. Prepares for disaster recovery and business continuity

Small business also need those services but generally can’t afford to hire their own Chief Technology officer. Without an expert performing this function for a small business 85% of them generally neglect these areas and allow those needs to go un addressed. That is a recipe for disaster. The good news is that Dr Fixit Business Technology consulting can provide this information, advice, and assistance without the need to hire a full-time Chief Technology Officer. You pay less because you only pay for what you need.

Without someone to do these things for your company:IT helpdesk Costs

  • You are likely to be paying too much for your technology
  • Your probably not prepared for a disasters
  • You may Inadvertently be neglecting maintenance on something important
  • You may not be using the optimal, most efficient technology tools for your needs
  • You could be spending more time then it should take for common IT maintenance tasks
  • You are Possibly vulnerable to hackers, data theft, and security breaches
  • You ARE risking the stability and reputation of your company
  • Spending more money on Employee payroll because your technology is too slow

In other words if you don’t spend the money to make sure that your technology is perfectly aligned with your company then the odds are that it is not. Most likely there is something better and lower in cost that you aren’t aware of and don’t have time to look for.

A common mistake small businesses make is that they usually have someone around the office or a friend perform IT tasks on their behalf, or they do it themselves. In some cases this would cost you more than if you just hire an IT professional. Because the work they do is not necessarily done efficiently, and in a manner that most fits your needs. Ultimately you may have saved money in IT labor, but you spend more in patching problems that arise from incorrect configurations. Also if the non professional tech is an employee it’s still costing you salary, and that person is inexperienced so it is likely to take longer than if a professional did it in the first place. With the non pro you are also paying for the “learning curve”, the time it takes them to learn what they are doing. When you add all that up… it may be better just to have a professional do it right, and quickly the first time.

Fun Fact: Even if you are “saving” money on not paying an IT professional… You are still “paying” a different way; Either by over paying for software, and Hardware, or by extra costs in employee payroll in wasted time and productivity loss.

The technology industry is fast paced and constantly changing. There are millions of types of software, hardware, vendors, and possibilities. We at Dr Fixit Consulting Services can help you determine whats best for your company, and how to improve your way of doing business. In some cases we can help you find alternatives that are lower cost, and in other cases we can help make your processes easier, and faster. This saves you time and money.

Dr Fixit is a business technology specialist… and we LOVE our technology. We have seen thousands of implementation and configurations. We know what works best. It is our passion to constantly learn new technologies, and to study industry best practices. These are the best, easiest technologies, systems and ways of implementing those technologies so that you can get the most for your investment.

We do it better because it’s not just a job for us. We truly enjoy working with technology, and helping solve problems for our customers. Let Dr Fixit consulting services help you solve a problem today!

We are: – Honest – Fast – Efficient – Dependable – Responsive – Reliable –

~Do what you do best… and we will take care of the rest~

With Dr Fixit as your Technology Consultant you don’t have to worry about your technology. This frees you up to focus on delivering your own core products and services.

Dr Fixit Business IT Services – We make business technology EZ

  • Desktop Support – computer maintenanceIT consulting Services - Happy Customers
  • IT Helpdesk – User technology assistance
  • Computer Systems Analyst – Efficiency and performance evaluation
  • Network Administration – Server, network, and router management
  • Remote Computer support – for Laptops and distributed networks
  • Wireless network administration – Access points for mobile users
  • User technology training – Employee training programs
  • Exchange (email) administration
  • Technology procurement
  • Vendor management – 3rd party coordination
  • Data and Information SecurityBusiness IT Consulting Network
  • Network Security – Intrusion prevention
  • Network printer Maintenance and Management
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Database Administration – data management services
  • Data storage Management – file storage and security
  • Web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Product Technology development
  • Project planning and management
  • and Much more….

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